The Last Mile’s 2021 Annual Report

To Our TLM Supporters,

We are proud to present our annual report for 2021, the most challenging year since our founding in 2010. In
spite of the barriers we faced as an organization, our accomplishments far and away outshine the obstacles.
Covid wreaked havoc on prison populations and their programs, all of which were on hiatus for varying times
throughout the year. Without access to our classrooms, TLM students pressed on utilizing offline materials and
resources provided by our teams. And even when programming was able to safely commence, it was often with
limited classroom capacity. TLM’s unique infrastructure, including our remote instruction model, allowed us to
offer high-quality instruction for our students even through continuous Covid closures. And most importantly,
with each challenge, our students found the motivation to move forward, keeping their hopes high for a brighter

In the following pages, you’ll discover how our organization came together in 2021 to plan for the future. The
Last Mile developed a new and more robust curriculum including additional career technical education courses,
as well as improved systems, procedures, and technology infrastructure. These changes were implemented to
support expansion and enable us to reach our goal of 50 classrooms in 14 states by 2024.
Our leadership team has done a remarkable job of creating and maintaining an internal culture that is spirited
and supportive, no small feat for a distributed, remote workforce. In addition, The Last Mile’s Reentry Community
is thriving and supporting those who return home. Many returned citizens refer to TLM as their family, expressing
deep gratitude for the mutual support they receive during their transition from incarceration back into society.
Finally, companies are opening their doors to The Last Mile alumni, a heartened insight into the future of fair
chance hiring. The feedback has been resounding, with many boasting that TLM alumni are some of their best

We look forward to greater accomplishments in 2022 and hope you will engage with us to “Pave the Road to

With gratitude,
Beverly Parenti and Chris Redlitz