Jobs at The Last Mile

We are training incarcerated individuals to become professional web developers. We work inside prisons. Our students are denied access to the Internet. While working inside prison has its obstacles, the drive and determination with which our students tackle their own challenges inspires us to do our best.

The Last Mile, a non-profit based in San Francisco, is the first prison program in the US to provide in-prison software engineering training. The goal is to prepare students for employment as front-end developers and web designers post-release. Students learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and more all without internet access.

Current Open Positions

Job​ ​Title​: Learning Management System (LMS) Product Manager
Work​ ​Location​: TLM Office, 717 Market Street, Ste. 100, SF, CA 94103
Reports​ ​to​: Executive Director
Full​ ​time​ ​hours: 40hrs/week

Position​ ​Description:
The Last Mile has successfully implemented the first computer programming curriculum in a US prison.
Our innovative approach to recidivism prevention combines web engineering education with reentry

The Last Mile is developing a Learning Management System that will allow computer coding to be
effectively taught and administered in environments where internet connectivity is not allowed or
available. The LMS will become the backbone for effectively scaling the coding program to correctional
facilities across the United States. Returned citizen graduates of TLM will enter the tech community with
highly employable skills, helping to break the barriers towards gainful employment and ultimately reducing

The LMS Product Manager reports to the TLM Executive Director and oversees the maintenance,
implementation and administration of all aspects of the LMS including planning, organizing, and staffing
related to the LMS.

Duties​ ​and​ ​responsibilities:
● Lead development of the learning management web platform
● Build custom features or leverage open source options
● Troubleshoot production issues
● Create automation tools and processes
● Develop strategy, processes, and evolve existing infrastructure
● Be part of a small team and have a huge impact
● Work with a high degree of autonomy
● Ensure proper operational procedures, backups, alarms, etc.
● Implement security and data protection
● Build reusable code and libraries

● Experience linux / unix shell
● Good understanding of ubuntu or similar
● Experience with git or similar
● Experience developing and using APIs
● Experience with frontend frameworks such as react
● Experience with python, ruby, javascript
● Understanding accessibility and security compliance
● User authentication and authorization between multiple systems
● Knowledge of common authentication technologies including OAuth, SAML, CAs

Required​ ​Knowledge,​ ​Skills​ ​and​ ​Abilities​:
● Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail. Good communication skills are a must,
as there will be frequent email, phone and in-person contact.

Education​ ​and/or​ ​Work​ ​Experience​ ​Requirements​:
● College degree required, passion for education and social justice is a plus

Interested? Please email resume and cover letter to