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Our Impact

Our Impact

The Ripple Effect

TLM’s Impact

The Last Mile’s impact is a ripple effect that extends far beyond its classrooms and workplaces, touching the lives of incarcerated populations, the families of our students, and their communities. 

Within the prison walls, TLM provides a lifeline of hope and education, offering incarcerated individuals a chance for personal growth and transformation. Our students break the cycle of incarceration and re-enter society with new skills and perspectives. And their families experience the joy of witnessing the transformation. 

This ripple effect extends to communities as well, where TLM alumni become agents of change, actively contributing to society. Through education and self-improvement, TLM empowers individuals to rewrite their own narratives and change the way we look at returned citizens.








of Returned Citizens work for TLM Partners or Donor Organizations


of Returned Citizens have a salary over the US median

Returned Citizen’s Education by Field of Study

Rc Education By Field Of Study