Stories of Justice-Impacted Women in Tech: Molly Kelly

Molly Kelly’s journey from a graduate of The Last Mile at the Indiana Women’s Prison to her current role as the Partnerships Manager stands as a living testament to the transformative impact of The Last Mile. Starting as a returned citizen advocate, Molly not only dismantled barriers for justice-impacted individuals but has become a pivotal force for change within the organization.

In her capacity as Partnerships Manager, Molly’s ability to cultivate connections and her authentic commitment to The Last Mile’s mission have propelled the organization forward. Her story is an embodiment of the transformative power that arises from providing opportunities to those who have faced adversity.

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What distinguishes Molly is her steadfast dedication to paving the way for others. Actively challenging stigmas surrounding justice-impacted individuals, she works to foster a more inclusive and understanding society. Molly Kelly is not merely an alumna of The Last Mile; she personifies the organization’s profound impact on lives seeking a second chance.

In each interaction, Molly emanates positivity, resilience, and purpose. Her narrative is a compelling testament to triumph over adversity and a living inspiration for those treading a similar path. Molly Kelly is a living testament to The Last Mile’s mission, reshaping the narrative surrounding justice-impacted individuals and embodying the positive change the organization strives to achieve.