Steve LaCerda – How has TLM Positively Impacted Your Life?

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“I’m sitting on the train, enjoying the scenery after leaving a long fulfilling day of coding. I’m currently working on a chat application that we’ll use to send data from user to user on our platform. It’s amazing to think that only 6 months ago I was incarcerated and wondering how my world would be on the outside. Was I going to be able to provide for my daughter, and myself? What was I going to do?

But, with TLM Works and Code.7370’s help I was able to learn to code, and not just superficially, but actually learn how to code. I must admit there was a learning curve when I got out, but with the base I had been taught, I was able to learn and progress rapidly.

Within two weeks, I already had two valid job offers. I accepted one and was employed within 3 weeks of being released. I’m now in the process of getting a raise and equity. I owe so much to the program, and that’s something that I truly mean. Not only did TLM give me hope inside, but they fulfilled the hype on the outside. I just needed the helping hand, and now the rest is up to me, just the way I like it.”