Stand Together’s Evan Feinberg on how dignity can reduce recidivism

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Stand Together and The Last Mile Radio teams at the SiriusXM studio

Recidivism is high. Empowering people and innovators would help.

Evan Feinberg offers a principles-based approach to tackling over-incarceration and poverty. 

The country’s poverty rate has not budged in the last 50 years. Addiction is rising and 82% of people released from U.S. prisons are eventually jailed again.  

These challenges persist because society misjudges people and problems, Stand Together Vice President Evan Feinberg told The Last Mile Radio hosts Chris Redlitz and Beverly Parenti. To end poverty or mass incarceration, we must recognize the dignity of each individual and understand the best solutions come from innovators who take the time to understand critical challenges, not just manage them.    

That’s the tactic The Last Mile takes. The organization provides technical training to incarcerated individuals to drive down the recidivism rate and help people live lives of purpose and meaning. It discovered that using the knowledge of people in communities affected by problems, rather than falling back on top-down cookie-cutter solutions, produces better results in the long term.  (continued at website)