Tulio Cardozo

IT Manager, Tulio Cardozo, works with The Last Mile to support the student and staff’s experience as it relates to technology across TLM’s learning services, proprietary network, and physical device infrastructure spanning three timezones.

Tulio’s career with The Last Mile initially started eight years ago as a founding graduate of The Last Mile Entrepreneurship Program. After serving seven years in state prison, Tulio has successfully transitioned into a technology career in San Francisco, CA.

Tulio is a state-credentialed employee and previously managed TLM Works, at San Quentin State Prison, the same prison he resided during his incarceration. TLM Works is the first-ever web development shop staffed by currently and formerly incarcerated web developers working for “outside” companies.

Aside from The Last Mile, Tulio has worked as a business analyst for technology accelerator, KickLabs, mastered WordPress as an independent contractor, lead engineering and development at Launch Podium (a tech startup in San Francisco), and has taught Web Design and Coding through Five Keys Charter School, to residents of the San Francisco County Jail and the San Francisco Adult Probation Department.