New Executive Leadership and an Exciting Road Ahead

A Letter from the Founders:

When Beverly and I launched The Last Mile (TLM) 14 years ago, our vision was to start an entrepreneurship program for the men at San Quentin State Prison. Our goal was simple, to help a few of the men I met during my first encounter as a visitor to the prison in 2010. We volunteered our time, visiting San Quentin two evenings a week for two years, teaching entrepreneurship skills and trying to provide hope for the future to the marginalized community behind bars. It was hugely rewarding, yet emotionally and physically draining, and we considered stopping many times.

We’d drive from San Francisco to the San Quentin gates, exhausted after a long work day, searching for the energy and spark to lead that evening’s class. And without fail, we’d leave San Quentin energized and motivated by the men in our program, and looked forward to our next visit. We knew we were bringing hope and inspiration to the students, and believed that if our efforts could lead to just one person’s success, our efforts would be worth it.

Over the years, our efforts and those from everyone: employees, volunteers, funders, hiring partners, correction departments, government officials, legislators, and family members, has created one of the most worthwhile experiences of our lives. Thousands of people have been directly or indirectly positively impacted by TLM. Furthermore, we are on the precipice of transforming the criminal justice system into a more rehabilitative and less punitive model that will reduce recidivism and increase public safety.

TLM has dramatically evolved since our weekly visits to San Quentin, to a national organization, teaching computer coding, audio/video production, and life skills that have prepared many people for a successful life after they served their time. TLM’s diverse team of mission-driven, and justice-involved people, is the most incredibly committed group of employees that Beverly and I have ever witnessed in our many years as entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, and we have the most dedicated and cohesive team that we’ve ever had in the history of the organization. Over half of our team are former participants in the TLM program.

Our personal mission for TLM is to ensure that we have the leadership, team, support, and proper vision for a healthy future for this amazing organization. Over the last year, we have recruited an outstanding leadership team, and TLM alumni employees are stepping into advanced roles, creating a foundation of passionate and mission-driven people.

To lead TLM into the next iteration of the organization and continue to grow our impact, we needed someone who embodies the TLM mission and has the drive and focus to continue TLM’s momentum. With that said, we are very proud to announce that Kevin McCracken is our new Executive Director.

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Kevin is incredibly dedicated and sincere in his commitment to providing opportunities for justice-involved people and to building a sustainable organization. Kevin’s journey has been difficult and challenging, experiencing severe drug addiction, incarceration, and financial hardship. Through it all, Kevin has become a successful businessman, devoted father, and a fine example of what can be accomplished with drive and determination. His focus and tenacity to succeed can not be deterred.

We truly believe that Kevin is the ideal person to lead TLM into the future. We are excited to be on this journey together along with the entire TLM family, as Board Members and mentors to our community.

Congratulations Kevin!

With love, appreciation, and respect,

Beverly and Chris