Jorge Heredia – What does it feel like after The Last Mile Demo Day?

Jorge Heredia Tlm Alumni

A year ago, while pitching my last business idea on Demo Day, I experienced an exhilarating natural high, which I thought was the best feeling I was ever going to experience. It happened on March 14, while I was watching The Last Mile’s graduates going up on stage to pitch their business ideas.

I experienced a greater empowering satisfaction than the one I felt when I pitched mine last year.

I was watching the men I had mentored gradually growing confident during their presentations and performing flawlessly on Demo Day. It was like watching ten magic seeds sprouting and growing tall. Each one of them demonstrated a new exciting world waiting to be explored. Demo Day was a very empowering experience.

I enjoyed it as if I had gone up on stage to pitch ten projects to myself. Just like a proud big brother, I am still flying high on my brethen’s Demo Day success.

Of course, none of these wonderful experiences could have been possible without the selfless help of The Last Mile’s growing supporters, mentors, guests, prison authorities, and all of those family members who are directly and indirectly involved with the program. Special thanks go to the dynamic faculty duo, the Lifshay sisters.

Their unswerving professionalism has been very vital in preparing The Last Mile’s men in getting them a step closer to fulfilling their dreams. Were it not or all these committed people’s support, the entrepreneurial world would be closed to me and my fellow men in blue.

I’m proud to thank all of our supporters and ask that God bless each one.

All communications between inmates and external channels are facilitated by approved volunteers since inmates do not have access to the internet. This program with Quora is part of The Last Mile San Quentin. Twitter:  @TLM