Darnell Hill – What does it feel like after The Last Mile Demo Day?

Darnell Hill Tlm Alumni

The process all the way up until demo day is like having several neuroscientists all come up with an untested idea with no clue if it will possibly work; yet having the expectation that it will someday serve its purpose.

Demo Day is like witnessing your dream to be a superhero come true. Expressing my passion or telling my story, to promote my brand, is like revealing the man behind the mask and hoping the world accepts the solution that I have to offer for a particular problem.

 I graduated in 2013, which gave me an opportunity to be a 2014 mentor. Witnessing this year’s students accept, understand, and process technological concepts to the point of creating their own ideas is like watching a child grow into maturity. Mentoring youth or men in The Last Mile class is one of the best experiences or feelings I get out of “paying it forward”. I love the think tank concept. Testing the hemisphere of the mind allows our passion to drive us to the point of a “eureka” moment.

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