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Some See Prisons
We See Potential

The Last Mile (TLM) unlocks the human and economic potential of justice-impacted people through education and technology training.

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Problem meets solution

A proven way to stop the cycle of incarceration

With The Last Mile technical training, incarcerated men and women can evolve into highly skilled, motivated, and valuable professionals who deliver a return to those who invest in them.

The proof is in the data. Massively reduced recidivism. A growing roster of TLM partner organizations. And the unlocked potential of TLM alumni, whose lives have been transformed by their successes.


Since the 1970's, the prison population in the U.S. has increased by 700%


Recidivism rate in the U.S. within 10 years of release


Recidivism rate for TLM graduates

Program Overview

The TLM approach

Using the most advanced online training techniques, professional instruction, and results-driven management, TLM develops job-ready employees who transition from incarceration to employment with the support of TLM’s reentry team. Our training system and operations are secure, scalable, and endorsed by Corrections Departments, Government Agencies, and Corporations across the country.


TLM alumni and counting since 2010


TLM returned citizens who have successfully rejoined society


Employment rate for TLM returned citizens



Leveraging Content and Technology Partners

Our partners span many sectors, but they all embrace the idea that their core content and domain expertise can be valuable to those who don’t have proper access to premium educational content. Research has shown that education and career training directly impact reduced recidivism rates and increased job placement opportunities.

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Program Growth

The Expansion of TLM

Our work began in San Quentin, where we successfully implemented a Business and Technology Accelerator program. The emphasis was on creating a curriculum focused on market-ready technical skills. The acceptance of the program by the students and Corrections officials was immediate, permanent, and successful. TLM training is now offered in 13 facilities across seven states.

TLM Growth Since 2010