ray and tulio

Released: October 23, 2011

Objective: I have my own Web Consulting firm featuring Web development, App development, “HTML5 & friends”, .NET, Python, and Ruby on Rails.

• Currently in an internship at KickLabs in San Francisco.
• Proactive community member – Guest speaker with the San Mateo probation department.
• Successful Transitions And New Directions Utilizing Partnerships (STAND UP) – Lead Clerk,
created management system in MS Access for 900+ active students.
• Addiction Recovery Counseling Alumni Committee – Founding member.
• San Quentin Film School – Selected participant in a six-hour documentary teaching inmates filmmaking skills.
• Student and peer educator – Attended the majority of all rehabilitation programs offered in San Quentin – including life skills and academic development, addiction recovery counseling, family reunification, personal growth and transformational work, victim impact and offender accountability awareness. Taught as a peer educator utilizing original content.

Skill Areas: Web development
Passions: Web development, Information Technology, Photography

Life Goals: I’d like to contribute in a meaningful way to the current process of reentering society. My Current goal of successfully integrating Collaborative Benefit is a part of that vision. Much like the people who I am working to help, I too would like to enter new opportunities. I would like to experience what it is like working with large teams of people.