Chrisfino Kenyatta Leal #CKL
Age: 45
Sentence:  Released July 3, 2013
Employed: RocketSpace (San Francisco)

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but moved to San Diego, CA, at six months of age. The second of three boys, I was raised by my mother after my parents divorced. the lack of a father figure and early exposure to drugs and alcohol contributed to a distorted set of priorities and an irresponsible approach to life that eventually led to crime and prison. During my incarceration, I have committed myself to: taking full personal and moral responsibility for the crimes I have committed; identifying and addressing the causative factors of my criminal behavior; understanding the impact of such criminal behavior on myself, my victims, my family, my community, and society as a whole.

Prior to being incarcerated, the extent of my education was 11th grade. During incarceration I have completed and actively participated in numerous academic and self-help programs, most notably: in 2011, earned an Associate of Arts Degree from Patten University and graduated as class valedictorian with a 3.95 GPA; active participant in Victim Offender Education Group (V.O.E.G.); graduate/facilitator of No More Tears; graduate/active member/facilitator of the San Quentin T.R.U.S.T.; certified Peer Health Educator; facilitator of Centerforce’s Health Education classes; facilitator of Centerforces’s Level I, II, II trainings; certified tutor for San Quentin’s Project R.E.A.C.H.; facilitator/facilitator-trainer of Breaking Barriers Program.

Short-term (1-5 years): (1) become facilitator of The Last Mile (2) continue to tutor/mentor/assist other men at San Quentin in achieving educational goals and overcoming detrimental cognitive and behavioral patterns; (3) continue to establish incontrovertible rehabilitative efforts and further develop insight to my life; (4) continue to develop effective parole board presentation strategy and realistic parole plans; (5) to earn a bachelor of Arts Degree in Non-Profit Management.

Long-term (5-10+ years): (1) obtain successful parole; (2) obtain/maintain gainful employment; (3) establish favorable credit and implement sustainable savings and investment plans; (4) volunteer as coach for youth sports; (5) mentor at-risk youth; (6) buy a home; (7) establish faith-based non-profit aimed at successful re-entry of formerly incarcerated men and women.

Motivation for Participation/Expectations/Intentions:
It was an easy decision for me to participate in The Last Mile because I have always been intrigued by the business world and the many ways computers influence human beings. Throughout the 17+ years of my incarceration, I’ve been forced to sit on the sideline and watch how the proliferation of the internet and social media have transformed not only the way we communicate but also the way businesses operate and compete. The Last Mile offers me a unique opportunity to get off the sideline and into the game by learning how to harness the power of the new online universe and use it to breather life into novel business ideas or improve existing ones. By participating in The Last Mile, I hope to develop a fundamental skill set that will help prepare me for new opportunities upon my release from prison. In addition, I hope to share what I’ve learned with others here at San Quentin so they, too, ay see new opportunities for themselves in society. However, like anything else in life, I can only expect to get from The Last Mile that which I am willing to give it. Therefore, it is my intent to give The Last Mile the very best of my time, energy, enthusiasm, and creativity.