Age: 44
Crime: Kidnap Robbery
Sentence: 10 Years to Life

As a creative adolescent I grew up in Oakland California aspiring to be an architect to build homes for the less fortunate, world champion kick boxer to teach kids how to protect themselves from bullies, a professional basketball player or entrepreneur. All of my hopes and dreams come crashing down by age 22 when I established a relationship with my career criminal father. I take full responsibility for my own bad decisions and choices that lead to prison consequences. I am now focusing on every opportunity to make amends to my victims, family and community by educating myself to deal with my core issues which was the abandonment of my father, not having the coping skills to overcome seeing my mother get abused by men she dated and most importantly not having a constructive role model to help me focus on my education in spite of circumstances. Since my incarceration I have been conquering core issues by taking classes such as Non-Violent Communication, Victim Offender Education Group, IMPACT (Incarcerated Men Putting Away Childish Things) and establishing a strong intimate relationship with God.

G.E.D. Graduate, AA Degree (Patten University), Ministry Certificate (Patten University), Certified Customer Service Specialist (Electronic Technician Association), Self-Confrontation Course (Biblical Counseling Foundation), Certified Youth Mentor in R.E.A.L. Choices and S.Q.U.I.R.E.S., Peer Health Educator (Center Force), Health Advocate Diploma (Urban Male Health Center), Victim Offender Education Group Facilitator Trainer (VOEG), Diploma in Christian Ministry (Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary.

Life Goals:
In one year I hope to be in transitional housing and working with a youth intervention organization or center. Reestablishing myself with my wife as I enter back into society. In two to three years I hope to be well established with a stable job with medical benefits or very good pay ranges. Within four to six years I hope my wife and I will be in the process of buying our very first home together.

What I hope to gain from The Last Mile:
I look forward to The Last Mile assisting me in gaining the insight, experience and fundamental understanding in learning the computer technology age after being locked up 22 years. I also look forward to learning if I what I have to offer the world as a unique individual and creative mind can enhance some one’s business or assist me to establish my own. More than anything else I would love to create a customer service sales pitch that is marketable enough to create my own non-profit organization for youth intervention.

Motivation for Participation/Expectations/Intentions:
My motivation for participation is to give back to my victims, family, and community by eliminating crime out of my life as an option and by living the rest of my life as an asset and not a liability. My expectations are sincerely based on the amount of hard work and commitment I put into achieving all the opportunities The Last Mile has to offer. My intentions are to be a committed hard worker and productive asset as a Last Mile graduate.