Talesa Howell – How has TLM positively impacted your life?

My name is Talesa Howell and I am the lead web designer for the Indiana Department of Correction.

My journey, in part, is the product of what The Last Mile program can accomplish. Participating in The Last Mile during my incarceration provided me with a vision of success, the motivation to keep striving to take the next right step, and the ability to think outside the box of what society has labeled me. Incarceration was a chapter in my life, not the book I intend to write. TLM helped me realize that my mistakes do not define me: I define who I want to be, and it is within my power to change that narrative.

Within the classroom, each new challenge I faced and conquered manifested my ability to believe in myself once again. The skills I learned through TLM were not just valuable tools in the classroom, but they are valuable tools to use in everyday life. The program teaches you to think through and resolve your problems, collaborate with your team, and to become a great leader.

Talesa TLM Alumni

I am no longer a student, but an Alumni of The Last Mile, which means I have the best of both worlds now! I have the support network of The Last Mile, and I in turn am now part of the support team for those who are still behind the walls. If I had to sum up my journey with The Last Mile I would simply state…….Life Changing.