Refactoring the Mass Incarceration System

The Last Mile is a non-profit breaking the mass incarceration cycle by combating recidivism through in-person education and post-release mentorship, focused on coding and software engineering.

The Last Mile’s returned citizen alumni, maintain 0% recidivism.

Chris Redlitz, the co-founder of the organization, and Jason Jones, Remote Instruction Manager and alumni of the program will both be joining this episode of Data Binge Podcast to talk through the challenges facing the formerly incarcerated and system impacted people in our country, and the solutions and partnerships that are creating refreshed narratives and new opportunities for these new citizens, and their families.

The discussion will include the following topics:

  • The particular problem that The Last Mile is trying to solve, and the real impact driven through creating hope and transparency in the lives of the formerly incarcerated and system impacted – real stories of hope, innovation, and humanity.
  • Technology and social innovation, as drivers for life long change – how skill development and mentorships can pivot mindsets, and add humanizing aspects of language and vision that redefine student and new citizen potential
  • Breaking generalizations and known stereotypes, and the simplicity of driving impact through conscious acts of kindness and acknowledgment – how to partner with the TLM, and what we can all do to incrementally re-factor our challenged systems.