Courtney Langer

Courtney is an unwavering force of change, dedicating her adult life to philanthropy and empowering families to develop impactful giving strategies. Her passion extends to collaborating with influential music and entertainment companies on their social impact initiatives, firmly believing in the transformative power of music and storytelling to educate, bridge divides, and inspire change on a large scale.
Her commitment to challenge the status quo is evident in co-producing Jay-Z and Roc Nation’s United Justice Coalition Summit, where she contributed to policy shifts and advocated for stays of execution, pardons, and clemencies through her work with Jason Flom and Lava for Good. Moreover, she has masterfully harnessed the power of storytelling across various issue areas, bringing award-winning Books, Feature Films, Docs, and TV Shows to Hollywood.
Her accomplishments have earned her several prestigious awards, including the Clio, Webby, and Anthem, though Courtney finds the most profound reward in her ability to shift hearts and minds at a scale that ignites positive change.
Creative and strategic in equal measure, Courtney is a staunch believer in the potential of music, second chances, and blazing innovative trails. Her capacity to translate vision and values into meaningful experiences, alongside her ability to inspire others, positions her as a crucial advocate for returning citizens seeking new opportunities.
Residing in Santa Monica, Courtney’s vibrant spirit finds solace in nature, spending her leisure time hiking, horse riding, and golfing. Furthermore, she delights in hosting dinner parties embellished with A++ playlists, exemplifying her love for music and the power it holds to unite people and uplift communities.