James ‘JC’ Cavitt

James Cavitt

James Cavitt

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Class of: 2012
Crime: Home-Invasion Robbery
Sentence: 25 years to life (convicted at 17 years old)

Born in Oakland, California and raised in San Francisco I’m the third of four children. Both of my parents struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. I entered the foster care system at ten years of age. It turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life.

Removed from foster care at age thirteen. Made rash decisions during the next four years. The combination of wanting to be accepted and no real sense of self led to poor friend selection. At seventeen years, I along with two friends (both minors) committed a robbery that ultimately led to someone’s life being taken.

At seventeen I lacked the courage and boldness to stand up for what was right. Today I am nothing like that seventeen year old misguided teenager. The man I have become as a result of this crime is loving and compassionate, strong-willed and focused, self-sacrificing and outspoken. A man who now values and respects human life. I’m devoted to helping others reclaim and restore their lives.

Prior to being incarcerated, the extent of my education was the eleventh grade of high school. Since then, I have:

  • Obtained my High School Equivalency Diploma (GED)
  • Currently enrolled in Patten University and North Bay School of Theology (graduate in spring 2012)
  • Certified in the following: Electronics Technician, Customer Service Specialist Fiber Optic/Cable networking; Electronics Assemble and Equipment Repair.
  • Microsoft Office User Specialist Certified (Word 2000, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Trained facilitator for the following programs: Breaking Barriers, Alternative to Violence Project (AVP), Restorative Justice, Anger Management, Self-Awareness, and Conflict Resolution.

Further education, Bachelor’s Degree in either Child Psychology or Communications. Work with at-risk youth utilizing performing arts (acting, spoken work, dance). To become a community activist and leader.

What I Hope to Gain from The Last Mile:
A better understanding of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Clear sense of business communication. Personal insight and growth. Management techniques.