Heracio H. Harts

Heracio H. Harts

Heracio H. Harts

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Class of: 2013
Released: March 12, 2013
Employed: Doz (San Francisco)

The youngest of five children raised by a single mother in Pittsburg, CA, one of 14 total siblings, married and father of three children. Learned to be independent at an early age. At age twelve began delivering newspapers in my neighborhood and worked at a furniture auction house loading trucks. At age fifteen moved with an Aunt until the completion of high school.

In 1991, worked in retail, following employment includes production operations at an oil refinery, hazardous waste plant, chemical blending plant and aggregate plant. Has worked as a mechanical assembler refurbishing Bar Are Rapid Transit cars an also worked as a cable installer.

Education/ Training:
Class of 1992 Pittsburg High School graduate, Class of 2012 Patten University graduate, Associate of Arts degree, Vocational machining graduate, Vocational electronics graduate.

Life Goals:
Goals include purchasing life insurance and establishing an investment plan. Pay children’s college tuition and own home debt free. Life mission is to continue education and to build a company that will transform underserved communities into safe and healthy communities physically, socially and economically.

What I hope to gain from The Last Mile:
I hope to gain relationship with the life coaches, mentors, and investors, access to networking contacts, business knowledge, and principles for business sustainability.

Motivation for Participation/Expectations/Intentions:
My motivation for participating in The Last Mile is the belief that I can make a difference and that the program will help me to achieve my goals. I expect to be held accountable for my actions and responsibilities. My intentions are to apply the knowledge I gain and to cultivate my relationships.