Job Title: Regional Manager (Midwest)
Work Location: Onsite and Remote
Reports to: Program Director

The Regional Manager works as a liaison between The Last Mile, local volunteers, the local prison administration and the on-site Classroom Facilitator to insure that the Last Mile program and services are delivered as specified. This is a hands-on managerial role that requires excellent communication skills and the ability to remain flexible and resolve challenges. The Regional Manager is tasked with supervising expansion and development across TLM Midwest locations. Currently, TLM has a location in Indianapolis Women’s Prison, Indiana with several additional facilities targeted for Q1 2019.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Program Management – 40%

  • Manage introductory meetings with TLM staff and DOC administration in the Midwest to ensure on-time classroom infrastructure and set up
  • Ensure that facility meets TLM classroom requirements prior to class start
  • Coordinate prison clearance documents for local staff and volunteers
  • Provide guidance on selecting + training classroom instructors to lead the program.
  • Assist with hiring personnel as needed. (classroom facilitators, program coordinator, etc)
  • Communicate student admission requirements / selection criteria to DOC. Participate in selection of students.
  • Monitor and record feedback from Classroom Facilitator, students, Volunteers, and prison administration during periodic site visits. Forward feedback and comments to TLM management
  • Track, monitor and support student metrics
  • Weekly calls with classroom facilitators to ensure program maintenance
  • Assist Program Director as needed
  • Manage current and growing midwest expansion
  • Travel to various Midwest locations to ensure delivery of program

Volunteer and Partner Management – 40%

  • Recruit, Select, and Maintain volunteers. Make recommendations to TLM management regarding applicant qualification and suitability for various roles. Provide guidance with selecting guest lecturers and topics relevant to the industry and local job market.
  • Conduct periodic volunteer orientation mandatory training.

Program planning, development, and expansion – 20%

  • Work with TLM program management to continuously improve programs to achieve and maintain best-in-class status
  • Communicate regularly with Program Director on progress of the classroom(s). Provide weekly update, feedback cycles to TLM staff on program implementation
  • Expected to contact any necessary parties (TLM staff, local prison administration) to mitigate any challenges related to the success of the program. (i.e. curriculum, equipment, technical issues, classroom infrastructure, student discipline, etc.)
  • Assist students with the reentry plans, connecting with technology partners, bootcamps, hiring partners, or TLM and/or local community support
  • Develop partnerships with tech partners, re-entry support partners, etc
  • Provide info to classroom facilitators so they can assist students with reentry plans
  • Coordinate with classroom facilitators about student interests and skills to develop appropriate post release opportunities
  • Assist Director of Expansion in identifying, screening, and managing new facility launches in the region

Work Environment:

    • Work for this role will typically be done remote and onsite on various prison locations. Visits to all TLM locations across the Midwest are also expected.


  • This position requires clearance to various prison locations, training may be required in accordance with DOC’s protocol.


Please send resume and cover letter to Start date is expected ASAP.