Contractor Title: Development Support Engineer
Work Location: San Quentin State Prison
Reports to: Technical Manager

Hours: Full-time

The Last Mile has successfully implemented the first computer programming curriculum in a US prison. Our innovative approach to recidivism prevention combines web engineering and accessibility quality assurance education with reentry support.

Top students from Code.7370 at San Quentin that have demonstrated exceptional skill and ability are eligible to work in The Last Mile Works, the first web development shop inside a US prison. Our goal is to better prepare them for employment upon release by providing them with work experience, a professional portfolio, and familiarity with common workplace practices, toolings, and workflows. TLM Works participants are exposed to real experiences such as interviewing for a job, meeting client expectations, time-budgeting, task management, peer-reviews, ongoing professional development, weekly one-on-ones with a project manager, and social soft-skills in a team setting with peers and supervisors.

TLM Works program participants develop and ship software, WCAG 2.1 accessibility assessments, and services to paying clients while earning market comparable wages.

Beyond a strong foundation in HTML/CSS and Javascript, TLM Works participants have experience working with PHP, WordPress, JavaScript, Node, ReactJS, D3.JS, and operational awareness of cloud infrastructure and fundamentals.


Position Description:

As a Development Support Engineer, you will work with the TLM/TLMW technical staff to provide support in various roles that further advance TLM’s/ TLMW ’s brand and mission. The Development Support Engineer works with management, marketing, technical staff and community/government partners to ensure client retention and success.

Work environment:

Professional. You will be working in a monitored and restricted correctional institution around program participants (inmates) between 7 am – 3 pm, M-Th, and in team meetings on Fridays in our San Francisco office location.

Years of experience:  0-3 years

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Excellent communication skills including clear speaking and empathetic listening.
  • Excellent situational awareness, and the ability to remain calm under stress and variable conditions.
  • Intermediate level knowledge and skills writing and discussing common web application technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (Node, ReactJS and React Native.), PHP with an emphasis on WordPress, and Git-based distributed version control systems.
  • A solid understanding of the Google Chrome Developer Tools.
  • Solid understanding of the Command Line Interface in a Linux environment.
  • Should be comfortable taking random Q&A, and should know how to properly respond if unable to give an immediate correct answer to a question.
  • Maintain a positive and supportive attitude at all times.
  • Provide honest and constructive feedback and appropriate encouragement to TLM Works program participants.
  • Familiarity with Google Apps, Git, and Atlassian Jira / Confluence / Bitbucket.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Staff Developer Support (Primary Role)

  • Provide on-site TLM Works program participants with technical support and assistance building client projects
    • Provide research and materials from online resources to help TLM Works program participants understand key concepts.
    • Provide technical support for TLM Works program participants during execution of client work and task assignments, seeking support from Technical Manager / Account Manager and / or the TLM Leadership, as necessary.
    • Effectively monitor expected learning process and timeframes of client projects.
    • Gather and organize educational and support material specific to the needs of the TLM Works participants.
  • Collaborate with Technical Manager to track and asses the proficiency of individual TLM Works program participants.
    • Contribute to the compilation of performance reviews for all TLM Works program participants, as necessary.
    • Contribute to Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) for all TLM Works program participants, as necessary.
    • Contribute ideas, feedback, and curriculum suggestions in order to facilitate continuous course improvement, and to maintain standards of excellence before-during-and-after TLM Works employment.

Product Development Support (Secondary Role)

  • Participate in the process of planning, and monitoring the execution of assigned tasks course corrections (if any) of TLM Works client projects.

Please send a resume and cover letter to if you are interested.