US prisoners will soon be eligible to receive grants for college courses

By Julia Edwards WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S prisoners will soon be eligible for federal grants to take college courses online, a Justice Department official said on Tuesday. The Justice Department and the Department of Education will announce on Friday a limited pilot program for incarcerated Americans to apply for federal Pell grants. The program builds […]

Malo Aupito

By Reginald Hola Reflecting on the last 6 months I realized my personal growth through The Last Mile has to be the greatest reward for me. Truthfully, starting out in this program I was a shy individual and sadly, lacking in self-confidence -yes, many would not believe this but I had a fear in public […]

The Last Mile Family

By Jason Jones Someone recently asked me, how have I benefitted from the Last Mile? Well, the cliche response would be, “helped me with public speaking”, “finding my passion”, or “understanding the business world”, but the Last Mile has done so many things for me on a much deeper level than I expected. When I […]

You Just Got Out of Prison. Now What?

Two men were sitting in a parked car, waiting to pick someone up. Carlos Cervantes was in the driver’s seat. He was 30, with glassy green eyes — quiet by nature, but with a loaded, restrained intensity about him. He had picked up Roby So at home in Los Angeles around 3 o’clock that morning, […]

Adventures in Coding

By Chris Schuhmacher There I was…San Quentin State Prison and while other men are on the yard working out or in the building running the tiers, I’m finishing another day in the Code.7370 program learning the front-end web development skills of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s so surreal, because for the longest time I wondered […]

Lessons From Inside

By Jason Jones San Quentin State Prison Prison is a challenging environment for anybody, whether you are an inmate or staff, and the experience of prison is different for each individual. However, one thing that remains the same for every single person that enters prison is the experience of truth. Prison is where anyone can […]

Big Az Reflects on Demo Day

By Az Ford San Quentin State Prison Six months’ worth of work and preparation led up to THE LAST MILE DEMO DAY, 2015. That day was a day I’ll forever consider a prized possession in the treasure chest of my good memories. It was an amazing day and I’m proud I was a part of […]

Taking Charge

By Chung Kao San Quentin State Prison March 24, 2015. Demo Day in three days. The problem: Chris Redlitz hadn’t given me the green light to pitch at Demo Day-i.e., hadn’t decided to graduate me from The Last Mile. In Chris’ words, I might have been doing good, but he was not convinced that I […]

My Experience at the Code.7370 Graduation at San Quentin Prison

By Nikki Pope Cooley LLP On April 20, 2015 I was privileged to have been invited to share a unique experience—celebrating the graduation of the first computer programming class at San Quentin State Prison. The course, Code.7370, is the first of its kind. The challenges Cooley pro bono client The Last Mile faced when creating […]