Level 4

By Shadeed Wallace-Stepter Inmate, San Quentin State Prison Okay, here I am once again. Today I feel the overwhelming urge to talk about my life since I’ve been in prison and how I finally got away from a lifetime of destructive and negative thinking. It really wasn’t anything miraculous, it just took the right motivation […]

Making the Change

By Azraal Ford Inmate, San Quentin State Prison Breaking away from old habits is a scary thing. When you’ve been one way for 20 or 30 years and then realize you need to change it can make the heart race with fear. Seriously it would be more comfortable facing Freddy Kreuger, The Alien and Darth […]

The Swagger of Confidence

By Chung Kao Inmate, San Quentin State Prison I was not born nor raised in the United States and in spite of 24 years of residence here, the first time I heard of the word “swag” was in The Last Mile class in December 2014. Chris Redlitz invited the class to write our own defini­tions […]

Definition of Dedicated, Accountable, and Dependable (DAD)

By R. Askari Johnson Jr. Inmate, San Quentin State Prison There is an epidemic of absentee fathers in society today like no other time in recent history. Babies having babies (mentally speaking). Any male can provide seed, but it takes a responsible man to raise a child and be a Dedicated, Accountable, and Dependable man, […]

Having Swagger

By Joseph Demerson Inmate, TLM Alumni, San Quentin State Prison Having swagger means more than just having the ability to captivate the attention of people. To have swagger one must master the skills of expressing the innate nature of the human spirit in it’s primitive form. Swagger can neither be replicated , duplicated , or […]

Creation is the Essence of Entreprenership

by Sam Hearnes Inmate, San Quentin State Prison If The Last Mile were to end today, I would still walk away with a wealth of knowledge I probably never would have encountered if not for The Last Mile experience. So far we have read four books: “Enchantment” by Guy Kawasaki, “The Dragonfly Effect” by Adny […]

What Biggie Smalls’ Accountant Taught Me About Life

By Andrew Medal TLM Mentor The more I smoke, the smaller the Phillie gets, room 112, where the players dwell. And, stash more cash than Bert Padell, inhale, make you feel good like Tony Toni Tone (feels good). — 112 featuring Biggie Smalls and Mase, “Only You” (1996) Remember this song by 112 feat. B.I.G. […]

Collaboration & Synergy

By Ricky Gaines Inmate, San Quentin State Prison As a student in the Last Mile Program, I enjoy reading materials for class on the subjects of entrepreneurship, social media and creativity. Being a participant and answering questions about the program’s curriculum in writing, is great. However, presenting my answers in the presence of my peers, […]

He Got Swagger

By Az Ford Inmate, San Quentin State Prison Recently in a Last Mile meeting we had a discussion on Swagger. Someone was pitching a business idea that could potentially provide swagger to the swagger-illiterate. What a great idea, right? Imagine Bill Gates walking into a boardroom popping his collar, wearing a diamond encrusted grill and […]

A Talk With My Father

By Noble Butler Inmate, San Quentin State Prison Actually, this blog began as an answer to a Quora question: what would (or do) you say to your father today? I started not to answer this question because I didn’t think I had a good enough answer to offer. But, during this past week, the grand […]