Eric ‘Phil’ Phillips #PHI
Age: Early 40’s
Crime: Second-degree murder
Sentence: 38 years to life

Raised mainly in Oakland, with one younger sister. Was recognized as a highly intelligent child, reading the 11th grade level while in the third grade. Endured problems domestically and at school, not getting along with parents and other kids, though, to such an extent that I became a distrustful, antisocial, depressed, and even suicidal child with low self-esteem and a “me against the world” mentality. Parents separated for a few years, got back together, then divorced during my childhood. Became somewhat of an underachiever at school despite my high intelligence and gravitated towards associations with wayward and underachiever types, even after being transferred to upper class schools as an inner-city kid. These internal issues stayed with me even after becoming an adult, leading to alcoholism and drug abuse, which led to my thirty-eight years to life sentence. Incarcerated for seventeen years. Turning life around by recognizing these issues and confronting them through education and participation in the numerous self-help groups and my new found Christian faith. I want to contribute heavily and positively to the outside community by music and video.

Graduated from high school, went to Chabot Junior College in Hayward, CA, with the intent of transferring to a university, but dropped out to pursue a music career. Musically inclined, play the guitar, keyboard, and base; created around 100 finished/unfinished compositions. Strong in computer literacy, able to maneuver around on both Mac and PC platforms (started as a kid on a Commodore OET!) Received a Vocational Certificate from Pleasant Valley State Prison in 2005 with Office Services, demonstrating proficiency with Microsoft Office. Since transferring to San Quentin State Prison from Pleasant Valley in 2005, graduated from Patten University with an Associate of Arts degree in 2008. I work at San Quentin Television (SQTV) where I have become very adept at video production, using professional-level cameras and video-editing software such as Final Cut Pro on an Apple iMac computer platform. Member of No More Tears, currently going through T.R.U.S.T. workshops, Greenlife workshops, completed Peer Health Education with Centerforce, Basic workshop with Non-Violent Communication, Keepin’ It Real, I tutor GED students in PUP/June Fesler’s GED Prep night class, taking Pre-Calculus through Patten University as a preparation for a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

I want to take the knowledge I receive from this workshop to help me start a music label and video production company by use of current technology. Also would like to teach others in the group the knowledge I have in computers, being already computer literate, as well as help in the field of video production. I feel it’s important in this day and age for all involved in this group, including myself, to learn not only this technology, but to develop the business acumen needed to interact and be successful in this fast-paced world, being a valuable part of society in the process, and introducing a new way of thinking that can revolutionize impoverished communities, turning lives around.