James Houston #JLH
Age: 39
Released  May 29, 2013
Internship: Ribbon.co (San Francisco)

Born in Decatur, Illinois, and at the age of six moved to Richmond, California. I am the oldest of three raised by my mother since moving to California. The absence of a father figure and being the oldest played a major role in my gravitating to the street life and selling drugs. This ultimately led me to take the life of another human being which I am incarcerated for now.

I graduated from Rancho High School in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1992. In 2010 I received my Associate of Arts Degree from Patten University at San Quentin State Prison. I have completed the Mill and Cabinet Vocational Program. The most influential programs for me since coming to prison are:

1) S.Q.U.I.R.E.S.: Working with at-risk youth has really helped me mature and grow as a man, as well as show me that my story has a purpose.
2) Victim Offender Education Group (V.O.E.G.): This program has helped me look at my life and get a better understanding of why I made some of the choices I made in life.
3) T.R.U.S.T./Richmond Project: These programs have taught me the necessary tools to become a leader in my community and provided a vehicle in which I could sharpen these tools.

I am hoping that The Last Mile will help me develop the skills to look at ways I can find services that are lacking in my community, then equip me with the tools to create those services and opportunities.