Age: 39
Crime: Second Degree Murder
Sentence: 16 Years to Life

I  was  born  in  Arcadia,  California.    After  graduating  High  School,  I  moved  to  San Clemente with aspirations of becoming a Pro Beach Volleyball player.  As my dreams of the ‘Endless  Summer’  began to fade, I enlisted  in the Air Force and spent nearly two years at the Defense Language  Institute in Monterey, CA.   After the military, I headed back to Southern  California  where  my love of  movies  inspired  me to  enroll  at Santa Monica City College with hopes of transferring to film school at UCLA.  I soon dropped out and found myself in the heart of Hollywood, where I began to cultivate dreams of becoming a musician.   As you can see, I’ve  never been afraid to dream big, but my lack of personal discipline  when  it came to drugs and alcohol  ultimately  led me to making poor decisions, the commitment  of my crime, and prison.   Since my incarceration,  I’ve made every effort to take responsibility  and be accountable for my crime, to gain insight into the causative factors that led me to prison, to address my issues of addiction and emotional health, and to making direct, indirect, and living amends for the damage and destruction that I have caused.

Education / Training: (Prior to Incarceration)

-Graduated from Arcadia High School. Class of ’91.
-Enlisted in U.S. Air Force and studied Korean at Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Ca.
-Attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Ca. for guitar and music theory.

(During Incarceration)
-2012 earned Associate of Arts Degree from Patten University – Valedictorian (3.92 GPA)
-Apprenticeship in San Quentin Vocational Machine Shop
-Graduate/Steward Victim Offender Education Group (V.O.E.G.)
and Next Step Programs
-Graduate of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) I + II
-Graduate of Addiction Recovery Counseling (A.R.C.)
-Graduate /Active Volunteer S.Q. TRUST
-IMPACT Graduate
-Alliance for Change  Social Justice & Anger Management Graduate/ Mentor
-Vietnam Veterans Group (V.V.G.S.Q). Executive Body – Chairman
-Tutor with Project R.E.A.C.H.
-Participant in California Reentry Institue (CRI)
-Member S.Q. Shakespeare Troupe
-Member S.Q. Tennis Team and 1000 Mile Club

Motivation for Participation / Expectations/ Intentions
After getting to see The Last Mile’s first Demo Day here at San Quentin, I became highly interested in taking part in the program.  I saw it as a unique opportunity to learn about the world of technology and social media that is normally not offered to men in prison.  I expect to be challenged with thought provoking assignments and essential information that will enable me to become a viable resource to future employers and gain the skills necessary to market myself in society upon my release.  My intentions are to commit 110% of my time and energy to The Last Mile program, its members, and its vision of hope for the future of incarcerated men here at San Quentin and beyond.

Life Goals
My life goals are: to continue to improve in the areas of personal development, insight, and authentic communication as I prepare for the Parole Board in 2015;  complete my apprenticeship in the Vocational Machine Shop; continue to take courses through Patten University that can be applied towards earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering upon my release; find ways to be a leader/role model/ tutor/mentor of men here at San Quentin and pay forward the gifts of education and insight that have been given to me.  My ultimate goal is obtain my freedom and become an articulate, dynamic, creative and contributing member to my family, my community, and society.

What I hope to gain from “The Last Mile”
I hope to gain a new level of proficiency in the areas of business, technology, and social media.  I hope to gamer the trust and support of a fraternity of men and women who envision promoting the highest creative potential in everyone involved.