I thought the ceremony was profoundly moving and I think this is a fantastic program. I’ve really got to commend everyone who put it together. I think it has a lot of promise and I hope it will continue. I can’t wait to see next year’s graduation.”

Anne Gust Brown

California First Lady

The Last Mile program includes discussions about how the digital world functions, recognizing that most men in the program have never been on the Internet or used a smart phone. Participants read books by digital media experts and interact with guest speakers and mentors from technology companies. They are also active contributors to social media sites. Through weekly tweets, blogs, and answering Quora questions, each participant develops an online presence and “personal brand” outside of their label as “prisoner.” As participants don’t have online access, their content is handwritten or typed, then uploaded by our volunteers.

For their final project, each participant must conceive a business idea and create a business plan that includes a technology component and social cause. Participants distill their plan into a succinct five-minute pitch to present to a live audience of invited guests from the outside and fellow inmates at their own Demo Day.